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XXIO 8 Series
Mieten Sie dieses Golfbag ab 13,30 € pro Tag
Excellence Pack
Mieten Sie dieses Golfbag ab 13,30 € pro Tag XXIO
12 CLUBS. DRIVER & Woods 3&5: XXIO 8 series
HYBRID: 4 - XXIO 8 series
IRONS: 5/PW - XXIO 8 series
SW: Cleveland 58° RTX 588
PUTTER: Cleveland- Smart Square
SHAFTS: Irons-Graphite Regular/Woods-Graphite Regular
XXIO 8 series : Central end brand from XXIO.

The 8th generation line of the most sold premium club in the Japanese market*.

Test the latest material from the n°1 premium brand in Japan* !
MyCaddyMaster has selected the most technologically advanced and performance oriented clubs from Japan: The XXIO.

 XXIO clubs bring together the latest technology to provide an unparalleled playing experience.

These clubs have been developed in the Dunlop sports science center.

XXIO leave two years between each new range of clubs to ensure enough time is available to further advance their high performance products.

Top of the range material are used: the low density titanium (Super TiX) used for a few of golf club faces is extremely difficult to work but unequalled as far as repulsion performance is concerned, nor is the Nanoalloy resin of Toray Industries (a brand deeply involved in aeronautics) which is used for assembling XXIO shafts.

Every aspect of the golf club takes a new dimension. No one can talk about XXIO without having tried it … Experience a golfing experience out of this world.
* According to a survey, conducted by the YANO Research Institute Ltd., on the total sales of woods and irons by subsidiaries, based on the in store sales among the main Japanese retailers (results from 2000 to August 2013).

Eigenschaften des Golfschlägers

-Präzision / 100+
-Toleranz / 100+
-Leistung / 100+
Qualitätsgolfschläger zum Leihen - MyCaddyMaster.com
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Qualitätsgolfschläger zum Leihen - MyCaddyMaster.com
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Qualitätsgolfschläger zum Leihen - MyCaddyMaster.com
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8 Series