Golfschlägerverleih am Flughafen von ParisFrankreich

Willkommen in Paris! Das MyCaddyMaster Team freut sich, Sie in Paris, dem Austragungsort des Rydercup 2018, begrüßen zu dürfen.
Mit MyCaddyMaster mieten Sie online Ihr Golfbag mit genau jenen Golfschlägern, mit denen Sie schon immer spielen wollten, und wählen den Ort, an dem Ihre Golfausrüstung zugestellt werden soll.

Golfschlägerverleih Paris

  • Bethemont Golf & Country Club Paris Frankreich

    1/ Bethemont Golf & Country Club

    Stunning parkland/american style golf course, with numerous water harzards.

    A challenge for golfers of any standard, along with a beautiful clubhouse to match the golf course.

  • Domaine de Crecy Paris Frankreich

    2/ Domaine de Crecy

    Arnold Palmer (18 Holes Vignoly).

  • Garden Golf de Cergy Paris Frankreich

    3/ Garden Golf de Cergy

    At the gates of the Vexin, near the Oise countryside, the golf course of Cergy Vauréal is an urban golf with a rural feeling.

  • Golf & Country Club de Fourqueux Paris Frankreich

    4/ Golf & Country Club de Fourqueux

    27 Holes designed by Lou Pettit in 1962.

    Championship course.

    3x9 holes.

  • Golf Blue Green de Saint-Aubin Paris Frankreich

    5/ Golf Blue Green de Saint-Aubin

    This golf course is ideal for training and improving your game within 20 minutes of Paris.


  • Golf Blue Green de Villennes Paris Frankreich

    6/ Golf Blue Green de Villennes

    10 Minuten vom Geschäftszentrum von La Défense entfernt, eine abwechslungsreiche Strecke mit leichten Steigungen.

  • Golf Blue Green Guerville Paris Frankreich

    7/ Golf Blue Green Guerville

    For a quick change of scenery in a rustic-style, warm clubhouse

    The restaurant is very popular among the members..

  • Golf Blue Green Rueil Malmaison Paris Frankreich

    8/ Golf Blue Green Rueil Malmaison

    A short 9-hole course designed for training just outside from Paris.

  • Golf Clément Ader Paris Frankreich

    9/ Golf Clément Ader

    A challenging Championship golf course.

  • Golf Club d'Ableiges Paris Frankreich

    10/ Golf Club d'Ableiges

    Close to Paris, in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of French Vexin, the Ableiges Golf course  is hilly, wooded and lined by the Viosne, a little river running under the trees.

  • Golf d'Etiolles Paris Frankreich

    11/ Golf d'Etiolles

    Two courses designed by Michel Gayon in the heart of the Senart forest.

  • Golf d'Ormesson Paris Frankreich

    12/ Golf d'Ormesson

    A famous 18-hole course, designed by C.K. Cotton and located at the outskirts from Paris.

  • Golf d'Ozoir-La-Ferrière Paris Frankreich

    13/ Golf d'Ozoir-La-Ferrière

    One of the oldest golf clubs in the Paris region. It offers one 18-hole course and one 9-hole course.


  • Golf de Bussy Guermantes Paris Frankreich

    14/ Golf de Bussy Guermantes

    The home course of the French champion Grégory Havret.

  • Golf de Courson Stade Francais Paris Frankreich

    15/ Golf de Courson Stade Francais

    The Courson-Monteloup golf course was created by one of the largest sports club in France, Le Stade Français.

    Robert von Hagge was commissioned to design four loops of nine holes and they opened for play in 1991.

    Courson is located a mere 45 kilometres to the South of the heart of Paris, and is a very popular golf club for Parisian golfers.  

  • Golf de Disneyland Paris Paris Frankreich
  • Golf de Feucherolles Paris Frankreich

    17/ Golf de Feucherolles

    A famous golf course, outside of Paris, on a beautifully undulating landscape.

    This golf has a very interesting and testing technical design.

  • Golf de Fontainebleau Paris Frankreich

    18/ Golf de Fontainebleau

    Inaugurated in 1909, the Fontainebleau golf course is one of the oldest in France.

    Created by the Frenchman Julien Chantepie, redesigned in 1920 by Tom Simpson, extended and modified by Fred Hawtree, it is located in the Fontainebleau forest, near the town, on the ancient imperial hunting grounds. 

  • Golf de Forges-les-Bains Paris Frankreich

    19/ Golf de Forges-les-Bains

    Designed by the French architect, Michel Gayon.

    ​18 holes  and 3 holes compact.

  • Golf de Gadancourt Paris Frankreich

    20/ Golf de Gadancourt

    Located in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of French Vexin, the land of the Impressionists, at 15 minutes from Cergy-Pontoise and 30 minutes from Paris, the 18-hole Gadancourt golf course offers a quality game environment in a quiet location .

  • Golf de Joyenval Paris Frankreich

    21/ Golf de Joyenval

    Championship course: French Senior Open (2000), Challenge Tour event (2001 ), Vivendi Cup (2010)

    Architect: Robert Trent Jones Senior (1992)

    2 x 18 holes: Marly and Retz

  • Golf de Lésigny-Réveillon Paris Frankreich

    22/ Golf de Lésigny-Réveillon

    The Golf of Lésigny-Réveillon is built on a historic 106-hectare land located 30 minutes from the Porte de Bercy.

    The 27 holes of this golf course provide a good opportunity for both beginners and experienced golfers to test their game in a truly welcoming environment.

  • Golf de Marivaux Paris Frankreich

    23/ Golf de Marivaux

    Architekten: Tom Macauley und R. Quenouille

    30 km außerhalb von Paris bietet dieser Golfplatz den Spielern eine schöne Abwechslung in einer natürlich bewaldeten und hügeligen Umgebung.

    Die Strecke ist in einem herrlichen Wald im Herzen des Naturparks des Chevreuse-Tals angelegt.

    Sie ist sowohl sportlich als auch spielerisch und wird von Golfern aller Niveaus und aller Altersgruppen sehr geschätzt (Google-Bewertung: 4,4/5, Facebook-Bewertung: 4,6/5).

  • Golf de Montereau la Forteresse Paris Frankreich

    24/ Golf de Montereau la Forteresse

    25 Km South of Fontainebleau

    The club house is in an old fortified Templar farm from the 12th century.

  • Golf de Rebetz Paris Frankreich

    25/ Golf de Rebetz

    An exceptional 18-hole golf course located in a magnificent environment within one hour drive from Paris.


  • Golf de Rochefort Paris Frankreich

    26/ Golf de Rochefort

    This golf course is set amidst beautiful countryside and is part of a magnificent "château" with a great clubhouse to match.

  • Golf de Saint Cloud Paris Frankreich

    27/ Golf de Saint Cloud

    The Saint-Cloud Golf Club is a private club with two 18-hole courses.

  • Golf de Saint Germain Paris Frankreich

    28/ Golf de Saint Germain

    A mature championship course in excellent condition all year round.

  • Golf de Saint-Nom-La-Bretèche Paris Frankreich

    29/ Golf de Saint-Nom-La-Bretèche

    This is a famous private golf club with two 18-hole championship courses designed by the well known architect Fred William Hawtree in 1959.

  • Golf de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Paris Frankreich

    30/ Golf de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

    45 holes within a 30 minutes drive west from Paris.

  • Golf de Sénart Paris Frankreich

    31/ Golf de Sénart

    Between Essonne (91) and Seine et Marne (77), the Golf de Sénart offers two courses and a golf simulator in the Club House: the first in this region.


  • Golf de Seraincourt Paris Frankreich

    32/ Golf de Seraincourt

    Beautiful 18-hole course designed by Fred Hawtree, with a varied layout and slightly hilly.


  • Golf de St. Germain Les Corbeil Paris Frankreich

    33/ Golf de St. Germain Les Corbeil

    On the edge of the forest of Senart, the Golf of Saint-Germain-Les-Corbeil presents a varied and balanced course in an exceptional site.

    The Club House offers many quality services (bar, restaurant, locker rooms, golf carts, reception rooms, driving range, NGF teaching academy, ...).

  • Golf de Villarceaux Paris Frankreich

    34/ Golf de Villarceaux

    A great 18-hole course and a Pitch & Putt in a magnificent environment.

  • Golf des Boucles de Seine Paris Frankreich

    35/ Golf des Boucles de Seine

    A friendly golf course for all types of players.


  • Golf des Yvelines Paris Frankreich

    36/ Golf des Yvelines

    Wooded and technical golf course, pleasant to play, located in a forest.

    Warm welcome.


  • Golf domaine du Coudray Paris Frankreich

    37/ Golf domaine du Coudray

    The history of golf club Coudray has been written for over half a century now.

    Along the river Seine, in the hollow of a large loop, the former estate of the Lords of Coudray and Count Jourdan (Empire Marshal) has become a golf course in 1960.

  • Golf du Château d'Augerville Paris Frankreich

    38/ Golf du Château d'Augerville

    Beautiful 18-hole golf course one hour south of Paris, close to Fontainebleau


  • Golf du Château de Cély Paris Frankreich

    39/ Golf du Château de Cély

    This must be the most stunning course in the region, offering a large variety of holes winding their way through the woodland and parkland scenery.

  • Golf du Château de la Chouette Paris Frankreich

    40/ Golf du Château de la Chouette

    Beautiful 18-hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr.


  • Golf du Prieuré Paris Frankreich

    41/ Golf du Prieuré

    Two beautiful golf courses designed by the famous architect, Fred Hawtree, within 35 minutes drives from Paris, open to visitors except for the week-ends.


  • Golf Isabella Paris Frankreich

    42/ Golf Isabella

    Isabella is a private golf club open to visitors on week days (except Tuesday and Sunday).


  • Golf National Paris Frankreich

    43/ Golf National

    The official site of the Ryder Cup in 2018!

  • Golf Parc Robert Hersant Paris Frankreich

    44/ Golf Parc Robert Hersant

    Try more than a golf!

    This arboretum golf is a unique and exceptional site!

  • La Vaucouleurs Golf Club Paris Frankreich

    45/ La Vaucouleurs Golf Club

    The pleasure of discovering two different 18-hole courses.


  • Paris Golf & Country Club Paris Frankreich

    46/ Paris Golf & Country Club

    A famous private Golf & Country Club.

    Located in the heart of the Saint-Cloud racecourse, the Paris Country Club is a true reference among the French golf courses.


  • RCF La Boulie Golf Club Paris Frankreich

    47/ RCF La Boulie Golf Club

    This is a private Golf Club, but visitors are welcome on weekdays upon prior telephone approval.


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