Erfahrungsberichte der Golfer, die unsere Golfschläger während ihrer Golfaufenthalte gemietet haben.

Nachfolgend finden Sie alle Zeugnisse von Golfern, die unsere Golfclubs während ihrer Golfreisen gemietet haben.

441 zeuge (4,59/5)

Our golf clubs were ready & waiting for us at the airport. Great quality clubs. made the experience so easy. would highly recommend My Caddy Master

B. McNulty am 20/09/2019 um 10:34 Uhr

Terrific service , delighted with overall service, no complaints

G. Myles am 19/09/2019 um 19:08 Uhr

Very good service . Ease of use essential

M. Hassan am 19/09/2019 um 08:12 Uhr

Clubs were waiting at the club when we arrived. Great clubs. No hassle. Hope they continue to expand the service. Very nice that the clubs were at the golf club and didn't have to transport them at all.

H. Holly am 17/09/2019 um 08:57 Uhr

The problem is going back and forth to get clubs from the airport. After that Teresa's service was fantastic. The clubs I hired should have had a proper carry bag and it was not drawn to my attention that it was single strap bag (I like to carry). Teresa sorted it out though.

S. brian am 16/09/2019 um 11:12 Uhr

Perfekter Service. Die Übergabe und Rückgabe der Golfschläger erfolgte zeitnah; die zuständige Person war jederzeit erreichbar und sehr symphatisch.

E. Thomas am 16/09/2019 um 10:35 Uhr

Thought quality of clubs was poor compared to previous hired

H. michael am 15/09/2019 um 15:49 Uhr

Odd set up to be met and pick up clubs in a cafe and no mention of that on your website

Clubs very old esp woods

H. tim am 15/09/2019 um 12:44 Uhr

Material (3 Sets) war in gutem Zustand. Anlieferung an Hotel erfolgte vor unserer Anreise (Hier wäre ein Hinweis gut gewesen.). Während des Urlaubs wurde ein Set versehentlich wieder abgeholt, so dass große Verwirrung bei uns und dem örtlichen Caddymaster entstand.
Grundsätzlich würden wir wieder den Service wieder nutzen. Eine gute Sache.

A. Holger am 15/09/2019 um 06:34 Uhr

Very pleasant and friendly service.
We rented now for the 3rd time and everytime we were very satisfied with staff as well as equipment and service

S. Alexander am 11/09/2019 um 14:38 Uhr

Toller, sehr freundlicher Service!

B. Britta am 09/09/2019 um 21:09 Uhr

perfekter Service und tolles Set. Vielen Dank Regula

B. Regula am 09/09/2019 um 15:07 Uhr

The service was great, the man in the straw hat was friendly and went through everything with me. Value for money and a hassle free way to playing golf in the Algarve would definitely recommend and definitely use again

M. elaine am 09/09/2019 um 08:33 Uhr

Reliable and friendly service. I would definitely recommend this company and would not hesitate to use them again.

B. Pamela am 08/09/2019 um 21:26 Uhr

Alles Gut. Werde das nächste Mal wieder bei Euch buchen

S. Dosch am 08/09/2019 um 18:29 Uhr

Very good service.

J. John am 08/09/2019 um 17:27 Uhr

Very pleasant experience. it was the first time I (and my friends) used the service and I was delighted with quality of clubs and service - fast replies, easy of drop off and pick up.
I will use Caddymaster again whenever needed.

D. José am 05/09/2019 um 15:59 Uhr

Sehr guter Service ,immer gerne wieder .
Golfschläger Top

S. Wolfgang am 04/09/2019 um 13:16 Uhr

Very happy perfect gentleman would use again Dennis

D. hughes dennis am 03/09/2019 um 17:46 Uhr

Toller Service! Abholung und Rückgabe hat super funktioniert. Gute Abstimmung über WhatsApp.

A. Jennifer am 26/08/2019 um 19:14 Uhr

Service und alles war absolut empfehlenswert!!!
Auch dass es 1“ längere Schläger mit midsize griff gab war perfekt! Allerdings wäre es dann super gewesen wenn der putter nicht nur 34“ lang gewesen wäre und das Sandwedge auch länger gewesen wäre, aber das wäre dann wirklich perfekt gewesen! Sehr zufrieden mit ihrem Service insbesondere auch mit „Marie“ unserer Ansprechpartnerin Vorort.

M. Till am 18/08/2019 um 12:29 Uhr

A very good service. Quality of clubs was excellent. Staff exceptional.

D. Martin am 12/08/2019 um 15:22 Uhr

Top Services
Top Schläger

D. Peier Daniela am 11/08/2019 um 17:02 Uhr

it was excellent experiences and I would like you to
increase your business into Asia area like Vietnam, Phillipines.

H. ILNAHM am 11/08/2019 um 08:34 Uhr

After finding out our family holiday to Mauritius had a golf course my wife suggested I look into hiring some clubs. The golf club offered a per round rental for clubs which was not cost effective for more than a couple of rounds so I looked around for a dedicated rental company. were by far the best option and I wasn’t disappointed when the clubs arrived, they were in fantastic condition and exactly what I ordered. The service also offered a delivery / collection service to the hotel so no lugging clubs from the airport. To anyone looking to rent clubs while on holiday I would highly recommend you look at, they were brilliant!

D. Greg am 10/08/2019 um 13:14 Uhr

Super Service am Palma Airport durch Marie.

G. Jürg am 07/08/2019 um 09:26 Uhr

Very reasonably priced and quality of service was top notch. Daniel met us at the airport with Golf clubs ready at hand, a few minutes later I was on my way, no hassles. Clubs were in good condition and more than I need, played well with the irons, had a great short game during the holiday week! Highly recommended, and will use again.

C. Yewhung am 06/08/2019 um 15:49 Uhr

Der Service von Caddymaster war selbst für eine abgelegene Destination wie Mauritius exzellent. Die Golfausrüstung wurde pünktlich zu unserem Hotel geliefert ! Das Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis ist fair und gut.

F. Koermann am 05/08/2019 um 14:16 Uhr

Thank you! I left both golf bags at the four Seasons.

N. Justin am 04/08/2019 um 05:38 Uhr

Fantastic service, flight was delayed and Helder waited nearly 2 hours to drop the sets to us. We also managed to hire the group 2 additional sets and saved us taking the whole lot to the airport by picking up from the course on the last day. Would recommend and use again 110%

N. Bond am 30/07/2019 um 09:12 Uhr

Alles perfekt von der Bestellung und Bezahlung zu Hause bis zur Abholung der Schläger aus dem Hotel
Vielen Dank

D. udo am 24/07/2019 um 22:53 Uhr

Very nice nice service. Love the concept of picking up rental car and clubs at the same time.

S. Kaspar Testrup-Friis am 24/07/2019 um 09:34 Uhr

A professional and friendly service. Good quality clubs at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend it

M. Kieran am 22/07/2019 um 09:41 Uhr

Gone are the days of queuing for hired clubs then queuing for a car, it’s just so much easier to collect both at the same time. Representative was very helpful and pleasant. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

R. Sandra am 15/07/2019 um 14:00 Uhr

Meeting at airport was on time, with all the equipment ordered in the bag, retuning the equipment in the airport terminal was the same. No problems would hire from them again next year.

S. garry am 13/07/2019 um 18:34 Uhr

I found that MyCaddyMasster offers a great service at an affordable rate with very professional and service minded staff. An excellent experience.

N. Hallvard am 11/07/2019 um 07:17 Uhr

Great service and price, excellent company to deal with

S. Mark am 08/07/2019 um 21:21 Uhr

Der Service und die Golfausrüstung waren perfekt.
Ich war rundum zufrieden und nutze diesen Service gern wieder!

D. Lauer Eberhard am 08/07/2019 um 11:50 Uhr

Helder was a great guy, flexible and supportive- many thanks

A. Rodney am 08/07/2019 um 08:29 Uhr

Good service friendly staff.

D. Dave am 07/07/2019 um 20:46 Uhr

Excellent service from Alex and Daniel. Good choice of clubs. Thoroughly recommend.

M. Charles am 05/07/2019 um 12:20 Uhr

The service was brilliant, we got to the stand and there was a sign telling saying that someone would be meeting us at a near by coffee shop. Once we saw a gentleman with some golf clubs we introduced ourselves and the handover of clubs only took about 5 mins, just had a bit of paperwork to sign and given a receipt for the hire. And again once our holiday was over, we just had to meet in the same place and someone came up to us and we handed the club's back. No issues or concerns from me or my friends, and were happy with the service we received from the team at Faro airport.

B. Sam am 03/07/2019 um 20:21 Uhr

Hat alles gut geklappt, hervorragendes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis, jederzeit gerne wieder

K. Waltraud am 01/07/2019 um 22:45 Uhr

I've never thought about renting golf clubs as I've always taken mine.The professional at my course suggested that I rent clubs to make it easier to travel.
My experience with MyCaddyMaster was exceptional. The quality and variety of clubs to chose from and the fact that a representative of the company was waiting for me at the airport made collection so easy. Returning the clubs was the same. We arrived at the airport, dumped the car and just walked to the meeting point to hand over our clubs.

G. Daniel am 30/06/2019 um 12:14 Uhr

Everything about your service was brilliant. Great clubs, good price, excellent and friendly staff.
I believe if you keep up the low price or lower prices with the high standards of clubs you offer, I for one will use each year in addition to many more people coming to you instead of rival companies.

L. Dominic am 28/06/2019 um 13:43 Uhr

Alles hat perfekt geklappt - sehr freundlicher Service - tolles Material - absolut pünktlich und unkompliziert- insgesamt super zu empfehlen👏👍🏻

G. Angela am 23/06/2019 um 12:25 Uhr

Tolles Service Sehr gute Schläger

H. Wenzel am 22/06/2019 um 10:46 Uhr

Es hat sowohl die Abholung sowie die Retournierung bestens geklappt.
Besser gehts nicht.

G. Gottfried am 20/06/2019 um 11:56 Uhr

Next time we go with Herz , il took us 90 min at the desc of guerin ....

A. Walter am 18/06/2019 um 21:51 Uhr

Mycaddy Master is excellent, the whole experience completely exceeded my expectations and was almost faultless. The rep was waiting in the specified area for us upon arrival and the collection/drop off process was hassle free. The clubs were good quality and in good condition. What an economical service, it really is a no brainer to use services like this with the extortionate costs for taking clubs on a plane. One way to improve would be to have their own shop at the airport (I believe this is something they're looking into already).

I. Charlton am 18/06/2019 um 11:24 Uhr

Maria hat das toll geregelt

M. Christoph am 17/06/2019 um 17:35 Uhr

Really friendly service, communication about the arrangements to pick up and drop off were clear and reinforced before arrival. Will definitely use MyCaddyMaster again as the all round experience has been excellent.

H. Bob am 17/06/2019 um 10:19 Uhr

Freundlich, kompetent und zuverlässig, vielen Dank an Marie

M. rolf am 13/06/2019 um 10:20 Uhr

Was met at airport by a nice man who greeted us with a handshake very polite

M. court Mark am 11/06/2019 um 02:01 Uhr

Good service but we asked for seniors shafts and we didn't get them. Also one set was short of a 3 wood so one club short.

J. Greenwood am 10/06/2019 um 21:48 Uhr

Very good service and very reasonable for cost of clubs waiting for me at airport and on my return the bloke was there also a nice man

R. robert am 08/06/2019 um 22:40 Uhr

Mycaddymaster offered the best price and the easiest service online, and the rest of the service didn’t disappoint. I really liked the clubs (probably played better with the wedges than with my own, and the 5 iron was my go to club) and the guy who served me was polite and friendly. The meeting point concerned me at first but I didn’t have to wait long, and it made the whole journey easy. Would recommend and use again

D. Goldsby am 08/06/2019 um 09:01 Uhr

Mit Caddymaster hat alles sehr gut geklappt.... können wir nur weiter empfehlen!

J. Treptow am 08/06/2019 um 08:27 Uhr

Marie war sehr sympathisch und hat schnell und unkompliziert gehandelt. Vielen Dank an sie!

T. Sabine am 07/06/2019 um 07:27 Uhr

Da hat alles wunderbar geklappt, die Dame war sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit und hätte die Schläger auch ins Hotel gebracht. Die Schläger waren gut und auch das Tragebag hervorragend. Ich werde diesen Service auf alle Fälle wieder nutzen!

S. Peter am 06/06/2019 um 11:00 Uhr

Grips were dried out on the club's making it difficult to so g on occasions.

Great club's and service tho

K. Andy am 04/06/2019 um 14:12 Uhr

As a whole very happy with the price and the selection of clubs. Although I would liked to see a 4 iron in my bag as I'm not used to hybrid clubs but I enjoyed using it, would of liked a 4 iron in there. Alex at front desk was a great chap, full of chat and gave us some of his knowledge of the courses. Will definitely use my caddy master next time in faro

M. Darren am 31/05/2019 um 20:52 Uhr

Topservice, Topschlägerauswahl, von der Buchung bis zur Abgabe lief alles perfekt und professionell

W. Helmut am 30/05/2019 um 19:34 Uhr

Wir haben das jetzt das erste mal ausprobiert, und wir waren total angenehm überrascht wie problemlos das alles geklappt hat. Super und vielen Dank

P. Andrea am 30/05/2019 um 11:45 Uhr

This is the second time I have used MyCaddyMaster and received an excellent service both times from Alexander at Faro airport. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

G. Ian am 29/05/2019 um 21:10 Uhr

A Quality service and price to match - clubs had seen some action but for the price I had no complaints. Will go there again :)

F. John am 22/05/2019 um 19:14 Uhr

Great service as normal, only complaint being some of the clubs had not been cleaned and were pretty dirty.

S. Carden am 22/05/2019 um 09:47 Uhr

Prompt, friendly service. Good quality clubs. Would definately use again

S. MATTHEW am 20/05/2019 um 19:21 Uhr

Great service. Staff was very friendly and met me just outside of the arrival terminal with the golf bag and in 5 minutes we were on our way. Pick up was also efficient thanks to available staff.

B. Giovanni am 20/05/2019 um 08:15 Uhr

Your site was an excellent find, for all the reasons noted above. Your staff at pick-up (airport) and drop-off (Al Maeden Golf Club) could not have been more pleasant or helpful.

M. RICHARD am 19/05/2019 um 14:38 Uhr

Die Kommunikation für die Übergabe - Ort und Zeit - der Golfschläger war nicht einfach

J. Axel am 18/05/2019 um 21:28 Uhr

Very nice people
easy uncomplicated service
you can always reach out to someone trying to help you

T. Bomm am 18/05/2019 um 10:45 Uhr

Easy to deal with & standard of cubs relevant to price paid.

C. Tim am 18/05/2019 um 10:07 Uhr

Es war sehr angenehm ohne Golf-Bags zu Reisen. Die Qualität der Ausstattung war in Ordnung. Es wäre schön, wenn eine kleine Grundausstattung (Schlägertuch, Tees, z.B. 3 Bälle.....) im Bag wären. Der Service des Hol- u Bringservices ist perfekt und hat super geklappt!

A. Gudrun am 15/05/2019 um 08:17 Uhr

Der Service war sehr individuell und optimal, die Kommunikation hat gut geklappt. Jederzeit gerne wieder.

K. Waltraud am 13/05/2019 um 21:43 Uhr

Wir haben uns die Bags zu einem Golfplatz in Biarritz anliefern lassen. Zurückgeben konnten wir die Bags in Bilbao/Spanien. Alles hat bestens geklappt. Danke

S. Alfred am 13/05/2019 um 16:46 Uhr

Ver friendly efficient

J. Connolly am 13/05/2019 um 09:19 Uhr

Staff, service & clubs were excellent. The only down side is the delivery charge to a destination away from the airport so we collected clubs at airport

L. Sandra am 12/05/2019 um 13:17 Uhr

Jederzeit wieder

M. Georg am 12/05/2019 um 11:57 Uhr

Sehr kompetenter und kundenorientierter Service. Das Golfequipment befand sich in einem exzellenten Zustand.Problemlose Kommunikation mit den Mitarbeitern ohne lästige Wartezeiten. Jederzeit gerne wieder!

S. Matthias am 12/05/2019 um 11:27 Uhr

Each year we hold an annual meeting and golf is always an important part. This year we used MyCaddyMaster to rent some clubs for our members. The quality was very good, as was the choice, and the service was excellent. The drop-off and pick-up was on time, each set was clearly labelled with the golfer's name and they even matched the clubs with each golfer's ability and age. Thank you MyCaddyMaster. Julia Green, Executive Officer, European Institute of Golf Course Architects

A. MARK am 10/05/2019 um 11:47 Uhr

In the past when playing abroad we have either taken our own clubs or hire them at the course we were playing. This is the first time we have used MyCaddyMaster and we will certainly use them in the future when we golf abroad. We will also recommend them to family and friends

C. John am 08/05/2019 um 13:16 Uhr

Great service, great clubs great experience

B. andrew am 06/05/2019 um 10:09 Uhr

Sehr guter Service Immer zu empfehlen

L. Hanspeter am 06/05/2019 um 08:42 Uhr

Grossartiger Service

L. Hanspeter am 06/05/2019 um 08:41 Uhr

I expected atleast a complimentary sleeve of balls and some tees when I picked up the set from the airport

B. MENON RAMESH am 06/05/2019 um 08:06 Uhr

very happy with the clubs and the service
only negative point was gap was too bib between pitch and sand 58°

M. Paul am 05/05/2019 um 13:06 Uhr

Im letzten Jahr hatten wir auch bei MyCaddyMaster gebucht und waren sehr erfreut, dass in den Golfbags GolfHandtücher enthalten waren. In diesem Jahr hatten wir deshalb keine GolfHandtücher eingepackt aber die Golfbags enthielten leider dieses Mal keine Handtücher, so dass wir uns welche kaufen mussten.

H. Katrin am 05/05/2019 um 12:05 Uhr

Das mitgelieferte Bag hatte viel Stauraum
Caddymaster hatte exklusiv Marke im Angebot
Schläger und Griffe waren in einem guten Zustand
Bestelltes Set stand bei Abholung bereit, allerdings wäre es von Vorteil, man könnte nach Alternativen der gleichen, gebuchten Marke schauen.

S. Renate am 05/05/2019 um 08:53 Uhr

Der freundliche Service und die Pünktlichkeit der Lieferung war hervorragend

F. Klaus am 04/05/2019 um 09:15 Uhr

I only stayed for a relatively short period and I found this hiring of the clubs extremely good.

T. John am 03/05/2019 um 13:33 Uhr

Order procedure was good .
The choice of clubs was limited.
The delivery and collection to our Hotel was very good.
Overall very satisfactory.

M. Ross am 02/05/2019 um 22:22 Uhr

First class service from start to finish.
Totally hassle free and quality equipment.

H. David am 01/05/2019 um 10:49 Uhr

Really enjoyed the service clubs were perfect except putter was a bit heavy but ok when dropping of clubs we explained about putter and was told we could have chosen different putter 👍 so next time we will custom our bag thanks again for a great service

M. carthy noel am 30/04/2019 um 19:24 Uhr

All very quick, efficient and friendly

S. Martin am 30/04/2019 um 13:53 Uhr

Alles hat gepasst wie geplant

B. Gerhard am 30/04/2019 um 10:28 Uhr

Excellent service, a range of clubs to hire with a choice of shafts and club head design. easily picked up at the airport in a covenant place that is both accessible on arrival and departing the airport.

H. Wayne am 29/04/2019 um 13:19 Uhr

Many thanks. Keep up the great work.

B. Robert am 29/04/2019 um 10:24 Uhr

Sehr freundliche Mitarbeitende. Unkomplizierte und zügige Abholung sowie Rückgabe. Gutes Preis- Leistungsverhältnis. Würde wieder hier buchen.

K. Ralf am 28/04/2019 um 10:10 Uhr

Hat alles super geklappt: von der Auswahl im Internet über die Abholung bis hin zur Rückgabe. Die Schläger waren top!

G. Stephanie am 26/04/2019 um 08:33 Uhr

Golfschläger Mieten und Bequem Reisen

Excellence Pack
XXIO 10 series

10 series

Herren Senior / Rechtshänder

ab 11,71 pro Tag

12 CLUBS. DRIVER & Woods 3&5: XXIO 10 series
HYBRID: 4 - XXIO 10 series
IRONS: 5/PW - XXIO 10 series
SW: Cleveland 58° RTX 588
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro 1
SHAFTS: Irons-Graphite Regular/Woods-Graphite Regular
Erfahren Sie mehrMieten Sie dieses Golfbag
Excellence Pack
Callaway ROGUE PRO


Herren / Rechtshänder

ab 11,71 pro Tag

12 CLUBS. DRIVER & Wood 3: Callaway Rogue
HYBRID: 3 - Callaway Rogue
IRONS: 4/PW - Callaway Rogue Pro XP105
SW: Cleveland RTX 3 - 58° 
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro 2.0 n°7
SHAFTS: Irons- Steel Stiff/Woods-Graphite Stiff
Erfahren Sie mehrMieten Sie dieses Golfbag
Excellence Pack
XXIO 10 series Lady

10 series Lady

Damen / Rechtshänder

ab 11,71 pro Tag

12 CLUBS. DRIVER & Woods 3&5: XXIO 10 series
HYBRID: 4 - XXIO 10 series
IRONS: 5/PW - XXIO 10 series
SW: XXIO 10 series - 56°
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro V-line​
SHAFTS: Irons-Graphite Lady/Woods-Graphite Lady
Erfahren Sie mehrMieten Sie dieses Golfbag
Excellence Pack
Callaway ROGUE Ladies Left Handed Graphite

ROGUE Ladies Left Handed Graphite

Damen / Linkshänder

ab 11,71 pro Tag

11 CLUBS. DRIVER, Wood 3, Wood 5: Callaway Rogue
IRONS: 5/PW - Callaway Rogue
SW: 56° - Callaway Rogue 
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro 2.0 n°1
SHAFTS: Irons- Graphite Ladies/Woods-Graphite Ladies
Erfahren Sie mehrMieten Sie dieses Golfbag
Performance Pack
Cobra KING F9 Stahl

KING F9 Stahl

Herren / Rechtshänder

ab 10,07 pro Tag

12 CLUBS. DRIVER & Wood 4: KING F9
HYBRID: 3 - King F9
IRONS: 4/PW - King F9
SW : Cleveland CBX 4 forged 58°
PUTTER: Odyssey WHP 2.0 #7
SHAFTS: Irons- Steel Regular/Woods-Graphite Stiff
Erfahren Sie mehrMieten Sie dieses Golfbag
Performance Pack
Cobra KING F9 Graphite ONE LENGHT


+ 1 inch / Rechtshänder

ab 11,71 pro Tag

PUTTER : Odyssey O'Works Tank  #7 red
SHAFTS : Irons- Graphite Regular/Woods-Graphite Regular
Erfahren Sie mehrMieten Sie dieses Golfbag
Performance Pack
Cobra KING F9 Graphite Lady

KING F9 Graphite Lady

Damen / Rechtshänder

ab 10,07 pro Tag

11 CLUBS. DRIVER & Wood 4: KING F9
HYBRID: 4 King F9
IRONS: 5/SW - King F9
SW: Cobra King F9
PUTTER: Odyssey WHP 2.0 #1
SHAFTS: Irons- Graphite Lady/Woods-Graphite Lady
Erfahren Sie mehrMieten Sie dieses Golfbag
Evolution Pack
Cleveland LAUNCHER CBX / Callaway XR SPEED


Herren / Rechtshänder

ab 7,20 pro Tag

 4 - Cleveland HB
IRONS: 5/PW - Launcher CBX
SW: Cleveland 58° RTX 4
PUTTER: Odyssey
SHAFTS: Irons-Steel Regular/Woods-Graphite Regular
Erfahren Sie mehrMieten Sie dieses Golfbag
Evolution Pack


Herren / Rechtshänder

ab 7,20 pro Tag

11 CLUBS. DRIVER & Wood 3: Mizuno JPX
 4 - Mizuno JPX
Irons: 5/PW - Launcher CBX
SW: Cleveland 58° RTX 588
Putter : Odyssey
Shafts : Irons-Steel Regular/Bois-Graphite Regular
Erfahren Sie mehrMieten Sie dieses Golfbag

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