Testimonios de golfistas que alquilaron nuestro equipo de golf durante sus estancias de golf

A continuación encontrará todos los testimonios de golfistas que han alquilado nuestros palos de golf durante sus viajes de golf.

501 testigo (4,66/5)

Super helpful quick and convenient service.

M. Chris en 20/05/2024 a las 08h33

Excellent service.
Clubs delivered to resort on time.
All equipment in excellent condition.

C. Alan en 15/05/2024 a las 09h20

Brice was very prompt and helpful.

D. Susan en 12/05/2024 a las 19h21

Great service and reasonable prices

A. E Burdick en 12/05/2024 a las 11h05

Good clubs in great condition.
Seamless service.
We were travelling on to other cities by train and it was a real advantage not to be carrying extra bags ( golf equipment).

K. philip en 12/05/2024 a las 04h27

The quality of the clubs were great, exactly as ordered. Brice and his crew responded quickly to pre rental requests for me and my wife. They were very helpful in adjusting delivery and pick up of the clubs to fit our needs.

G. Douglas en 11/05/2024 a las 15h46

Clubs and equipment were excellent.MyCaddyMaster provided everything in a timely,professional manner!

F. Gary en 11/05/2024 a las 15h18

Very good service

N. livesey en 02/05/2024 a las 16h49

Booking process was easy. Club choice was great. Pick up was timely and convenient. Alexander at Faro airport was spot on time, friendly and helpful. He also upgraded my club choice. Drop of was easy and timely. Overall, an excellent service. Thank you.

N. Grahame en 23/04/2024 a las 09h03

Alexander (Faro) who arranged pick up and drop off was very friendly and helpful.

N. Grahame en 23/04/2024 a las 08h55

Golf bag was waiting for me at my reception when I got in and was collected from there when I left. Clubs were fine too

H. O'Connell Eddie en 22/04/2024 a las 10h58

A very professional company to deal with

V. William en 17/04/2024 a las 09h19

The rental was a good experience. Whe pick them up at the airport and the evening before whe left MyCaddyMaster pick them up by our hotel. Great service

K. DJJ en 10/04/2024 a las 09h31

perfect service - no fuss about suppl luggage at airport or transport.
good clubs. I'm a happy golfer on holliday.

G. Ivan en 01/04/2024 a las 09h47

Good value, great service, punctual and it was easy to get in touch with Alexander who dropped the clubs to us.

M. David en 25/03/2024 a las 21h36

There was a mix-up with the delivery of the clubs so we had to rent clubs from the Golfclub where we played for the first day. MyCaddyMaster very correctly and without discussion refunded us in full for the cost incurred. The quality of the clubs (once they were located!) was excellent.

S. Jan en 25/03/2024 a las 14h59

Excellent service

G. Declan en 24/03/2024 a las 10h03

Wynand provided top service and was extremely flexible and responsive for the drop off and pick up service. Clubs were great, practically brand new.

B. Paul en 22/03/2024 a las 02h36

Very smooth service clubs were waiting at reception of hotel upon arrival and reasonable price also

R. Barry en 08/03/2024 a las 10h37

Excellent service as always.

W. Marcel en 27/02/2024 a las 11h49

First time for us. Pickup and drop-off at the airport perfect: zero waiting times and great contact. Clubs in very good condition. Really no negative points.

H. Arjen en 20/02/2024 a las 08h56

Awesome experience!

S. Harsh en 16/02/2024 a las 22h12

We rented 4 sets and all sets were of high quality! Pick-up at Faro Airport was quick and easy. After contacting MyCaddyMaster we were able to drop-off at a convenient location near our villa.

P. Frank en 13/02/2024 a las 09h52

Buen servicio, personal muy atento y cumplidor. Palos en buenas condiciones aunque me hubiera gustado tener un wedge más. Gracias

L. SALVADOR en 13/02/2024 a las 08h37

Great service and clubs without all the hassle of bringing clubs, I would highly recommend this company

J. Robin en 23/01/2024 a las 09h52

High quality clubs readonsbly priced

P. Benny en 21/01/2024 a las 14h46

Very good service

K. Anton en 14/01/2024 a las 21h35

It was top

G. Johan en 13/12/2023 a las 08h09

Excellent service. Quality of clubs were high and we would have no hesitation in using again.

B. Lee en 27/11/2023 a las 08h43

Wynand could not have been more helpful and service minded! Thank you!

C. Anna en 24/11/2023 a las 12h39

I am a left handed lady golfer so not easy to locate and hire clubs easily. Caddymaster has a stock! A very polite and efficient delivery man who delivered my clubs to my hotel in good time. He is a delightful man. Thank you so much.

W. Ling en 23/11/2023 a las 18h51

Fabulous service thank you

C. JANE ELIZABETH en 23/11/2023 a las 08h53

Very good service and I made 2 phone calls to change times and the phone was answered straight away. Very helpful.

R. John en 17/11/2023 a las 08h26

MyCaddyMastwr was the perfect solution for our trip even though golf wasn’t our main plan. Using the clubs even 2 times was cheaper than renting from the golf clubs. It was a relief to not have to worry about travelling on the plane with them.

A. shawn en 12/11/2023 a las 08h03

Excellent service overall. Super clubs and golf bag. Wonderful not to have to carry that all the way to the airport.
Super delivery and return coordination. No waiting time at all.
Will certainly do it again

B. Michael en 11/11/2023 a las 17h16

Helder was so helpful when we had a problem with our clubs. He went above and beyond to make it right. We really appreciate his service!

G. Kim en 02/11/2023 a las 09h24

Brilliant service, great approach, booked to collect at airport. Recommended to a friend on the same trip and they delivered both our sets to our accommodation.

S. SAMUEL en 10/10/2023 a las 13h01

A very efficient service. The representative was so helpful and had brilliant advice on courses in the Lisbon area.

C. Gary en 10/10/2023 a las 09h11

Very easy to access site and very efficient service at a reasonable price

F. Donal en 08/10/2023 a las 13h10

I only booked the day before arrival, mainly to try something different and avoid the inconvenience of taking my own kit. Collection and return at the airport was very easy, with good communications. It was fun to experience playing with a premium quality set. The overall service and choice of equipment was excellent.

W. Robin en 25/09/2023 a las 17h44

I strongly recommend MyCaddyMaster for everybody. I was skeptical afters a previous bad experience of renting golf clubs where i got a right-handed putter while mentioning i am left-handed...

G. philippe alexandre en 25/09/2023 a las 17h43

What an excellent service. I was going to travel to Porto with clubs but sadly they got stolen just before I travelled. I was going to just rent clubs from each club we were playing at (3 of them) but I figured this would be a logistical nightmare and cost a lot of money. So a quick google and I stumbled across this gem.

The clubs themselves were in good condition (not new) but perfectly fine for a mid handicapper. The clubs were also no more than a couple of years old. The best thing was being able to collect the clubs at the course I was playing at and leave them at the course or the airport at the end of the trip. I even got Wattsapps from their customer service informing me and I was able to arrange from there.

My 11 playing partners were very jealous, I will never transport my clubs via airline again!

L. Sam en 25/09/2023 a las 09h51

Great quality clubs. Friendly service at the pick up and arranged for collection from the golf club. Great service, will definitely use next year

W. Geoff en 25/09/2023 a las 09h16

Seamless hassle free service

B. IAN en 18/09/2023 a las 05h23

The service offered meant that I could be flexible with my travel plans and focus on enjoying the golf, not transporting the clubs around Europe. Since I was on a motorbike this was an important factor.

K. David en 17/09/2023 a las 09h07

I was very pleased with the service. My contact at Caddymaster kept me informed all the time and was always happy to help

W. Martin en 17/09/2023 a las 08h13

Reasonably priced and efficient way to hire clubs. Friendly and personal service.

R. Colin en 11/09/2023 a las 08h24

Great service. Having never done something like this before, very happy with the whole experience.

C. Cedi en 03/09/2023 a las 08h11

Very helpful

G. Hall en 23/08/2023 a las 11h16

Overall great service - Alex and Daniel were very good easy to contact and all worked exactly as planned. They did a good job.

Would recommend as the hire cost was the same as the transport cost of my own clubs and having them delivered and collected from the golf course made it a really easy experience - well done.

W. Matthew Stephen en 15/08/2023 a las 10h16

Excellent company, got the exact clubs I requested. Newer grips would be nice but ultimately very happy

C. Neil en 06/08/2023 a las 15h27

Excellent service. My flight was delayed by 2 hours yet the CaddyMaster representative was there with my hire clubs at 1am.
Then to save me taking the clubs back to the airport, CaddyMaster picked up the clubs from the villa I was staying in as they were in the area the night before. Would highly recommend!

A. Keith en 25/07/2023 a las 18h53

The level of service was of the highest standard. It was friendly, courteous and swift. One could not ask for anything better.

B. BOB en 19/07/2023 a las 08h57

It was straight forward to reserve and book the clubs online.
Picking up and dropping off the clubs was also straight forward.
I would use the service again.

L. CANNY en 04/07/2023 a las 09h42

Great service.
Good product.
Better than transporting own clubs.

H. Tony en 25/06/2023 a las 08h06

Alex did a super job

O. Christian en 18/06/2023 a las 09h45

Very happy with your friendly service and it was so nice to be able to communicate with your team through whatt app.
I will be back

S. russell en 11/06/2023 a las 08h15

muy buena atención nos llevaron los palos a hotel y los fueron a buscar sin costo cuando lo acordado era retirarlos en el Aeropuerto.
excelente predisposición

B. Marcelo en 07/06/2023 a las 17h11

The whole process was very easy and I paid less than I thought I would have to for four days' hire. Thanks again for the good service.

B. Philip en 06/06/2023 a las 08h53

My 2nd year hiring clubs from MyCaddyMaster.com and the same excellent service.
Collection was very easy, and at the arranged time. I had my clubs upgraded free of charge which was a bonus!
As they were in the area on my collection day, they also collected the clubs free of charge.
Brilliant service. And will definitely use again.

L. Matthew en 05/06/2023 a las 13h07

MyCaddyMaster made the whole experience of renting clubs easy and seem less.

Their communication was excellent and we never once felt like we didn't know what was going on.

The clubs were good quality and perfect for our level of skill.

I would highly recommend them

A. Rob en 26/05/2023 a las 08h19

Delivery and pick up service well worth it. Excellent clubs.

M. Lesley en 24/05/2023 a las 14h25

Everything according to plan . The pick up location could maybe better described in addition to the map .ie. turn right at bottom of arrivals elevator...or have a better map , saying the car rental pick up offices and not the car rental area in the car park. Otherwise great experience and will definitely use again

G. KEVIN en 24/05/2023 a las 07h23

It was the first time that I tried the service and was very impressed with the concept and the delivery of the service. The pick up could not have been easier and Alexander could not have been more helpful.

W. William en 21/05/2023 a las 10h24

Muy contento de haber usado sus palos, por comodidad y evitar problemas con el envío de mis palos.

L. Montalvo Angel en 15/05/2023 a las 12h10

Great service from Werner in Mallorca clubs delivered / collected on time from my apartment, clubs were in very good condition easy online booking at competitive price. Look forward to returning.

P. alpesh en 11/05/2023 a las 10h07

Nice dealing with Werner in Mallorca and the recommendations on where to play. Will definite return.

P. alpesh en 11/05/2023 a las 10h04

Fantastic service and will for sure rent again with you next time.

D. Florin en 07/05/2023 a las 20h05

Very friendly service. Prompt pick up and drop off time. Good quality clubs on offer at abgreat price too.

M. Daniel en 24/04/2023 a las 15h18

Great service, very helpful, will use again

B. Antony en 24/04/2023 a las 07h49

Kind and quick reaction from our local contact Werner.

M. Damien en 18/04/2023 a las 15h56

We had a problem on arrival but was dealt with and far exceeded the expectations for us

J. Paul en 27/03/2023 a las 13h52

Very good service

L. Sven en 12/03/2023 a las 07h38

Soufian contacted me before departure and he offered to delver club’s to my hotel and he also collected them from last course I played. All very easy !! I am left handed but still got good clubs and great friendly service.

J. Rob en 02/03/2023 a las 11h05

Great service from Soufian. Good contact and great delivery and collection.

J. Rob en 02/03/2023 a las 11h00

I was grateful my clubs were changed as I did not get on with the set originally given to me
I was impressed this was done without any fuss

P. James en 02/03/2023 a las 09h29

Enjoyed the service and convenience of collecting the clubs on arrival.

Have used Blue Sky in the past.

My only criticism would be the age of the clubs. However, in fairness, they did not affect my game and I really enjoyed using them.

W. Marcel en 26/02/2023 a las 11h57

I would like to thank my caddy master for your exceptional service of my hols experience . Very clear and transparent details when ordering . And clubs delivered as expected !! Will definitely using the service again on my next trip !! Tbankyou

C. ian en 26/02/2023 a las 08h06

Service was fantastic. Unfortunately the order was confirmed before the set was availlable - meaning I played 2 rounds without a driver (!!!) and hybrid. Werner was fantastic with the communication, thanks for that.

M. john en 24/02/2023 a las 15h59

Werner made our trip so easy. He delivered the clubs to our first course and collected them from our last. Could not ask for more. My only suggestion, that he add his mobile phone number to his emails - I could have texted him to let him know when the clubs were ready for collection. Excellent service; we will definitely use MyCaddyMaster again.

M. Robert en 13/02/2023 a las 08h59

Service excellent though waiting for the bags got me worried. I suggest you call the client in case of delay.
Tried the senior shafts for the first time (age 68 hcp 15) and liked it a lot.

K. Pieter en 04/02/2023 a las 08h10

Your service and the clubs we hired were of an excellent standard. The delivery and collection of our clubs direct to our hotel was a nice touch. Communication with the team was quick and reliable. Given that we had 4 days of torrential rain, the clubs held up well. We would happily use your service again. Many thanks

M. Anne en 31/01/2023 a las 13h01

Thank you for a great service last week. The communication was first class throughout, the clubs were exctly as described and the logistics of delivery and collection were perfectly implemented.

C. William en 31/01/2023 a las 12h00

One of irons was a different brand from the rest which isn't good. Ironed were forged so difficult to use for me, i think it should be clearer what kind of clubs you are getting when ordering.
Other than this, service, price and quality of the equipment were all very good. Will use you again.

D. Loic en 14/01/2023 a las 08h12

Absolutely perfect from start to finish. Booking online was straightforward, drop off & pick up timings were adhered to without any chasing up required. The golf clubs were of a very high quality, matching and with a good quality carry bag. One suggestion though, a towel and an umbrella would be good to be offered as an optional addition to the service.
Overall great value for money and very confident to use your service again and also to make recommendations.

S. Gill en 11/12/2022 a las 13h31

Great experience with MyCaddyMaster

Werner was very helpful and added great service with the delivery of the clubs at our hotel.

D. Vries Maarten en 28/11/2022 a las 08h09

Great service, great clubs, easy to find and return.
Avoid hassle of taking own clubs. Price similar to cost of flying clubs. Chance to play with new modern set.

C. Donal en 05/11/2022 a las 09h50

Amazing and slick service - clubs are great quality and didn’t miss my own set at all

T. Mark en 27/10/2022 a las 08h27

Delivery to and pick-up from golf courses is the perfect service for golfers. Great service! Very commendable.

S. Walter en 25/10/2022 a las 08h30

We loved the service. We arrived 30 mins early in Faro, but after a quick call to Alexander, he had our clubs with us in 10 mins flat. Very impressive. We will def us again.

M. Richard en 17/10/2022 a las 21h16

Excellent service, hotel delivery and pick up as agreed, good quality new irons (woods were older).

R. Hemming Richard en 11/10/2022 a las 21h59

great service and excellent clubs - have used MyCaddymaster on last three trips to the algarve as they cut out all the stress and hassle of taking your own clubs

T. Mark en 11/10/2022 a las 09h32

Good service. On time. Pretty good clubs. Would use service next time.

J. robbie en 08/10/2022 a las 08h04

The clubs arrived as promised and drop off was convenient. They are excellent clubs though I wish I had one more wood and one more hybrid. Maybe less irons. The convenience of not having to travel with clubs was great.

P. Katharine en 05/10/2022 a las 08h45

Second to none service. Just a phone call away and very nice people.
Would definitely use this service again, and recommend to people visiting Portugal.

J. hannigan en 04/10/2022 a las 18h57

The 58 degrees club should be left out
Very difficult club for most of the golfers 🏌🏽‍♂️
My property and that of many:
Pw 47/48
Gapwedge (a must) 51/52
Sw 55/56

G. Gerrit en 01/10/2022 a las 09h06

Brilliant service saving a lot of trouble bringing your own clubs. Would thoroughly recommend and shall be using them again next year.

S. Carden en 28/09/2022 a las 07h15

Mr. Ferreira is kind, effective and flexible.

V. Raaij Bas en 20/09/2022 a las 04h32

Fantastic service from Heldr, I am a regular traveler and will never take my own clubs away again, providing there is a Mycaddymaster at the destination!

K. David en 19/09/2022 a las 08h27

Great clubs, great service. Will use again. Thank you.

C. Chris en 13/09/2022 a las 09h32

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Ofertas de Excelencia


Caballeros Senior / Diestro

Desde 18,88 al día

11 CLUBS. DRIVER & Madera 3: XXIO 12
SW: Cleveland 58° RTX 4
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro 1
SHAFTS: Hierros-Gráfito Regular/Madera-Gráfito Regular
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Ofertas de Excelencia
XXIO Eleven


Caballeros Senior / Diestro

Desde 17,93 al día

11 CLUBS. DRIVER & Madera 3: XXIO Eleven
HIBRIDO: 4 - XXIO Eleven
SW: Cleveland 58° RTX 4
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro 1
SHAFTS: Hierros-Gráfito Regular/Madera-Gráfito Regular
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Ofertas de Excelencia
XXIO 10 series

10 series

Caballeros Senior / Diestro

Desde 17,04 al día

12 CLUBS. DRIVER & Madera 3&5: XXIO 10 series
HIBRIDO: 4 - XXIO 10 series
HIERROS: 5/PW - XXIO 10 series
SW: Cleveland 58° RTX 588
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro 1
SHAFTS: Hierros-Gráfito Regular/Madera-Gráfito Regular
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Ofertas de Excelencia
Callaway ROGUE XP95


Caballeros / Diestro

Desde 17,04 al día

11 CLUBS. DRIVER & Wood 3: Callaway Rogue
HYBRID: 4 - Callaway Rogue
IRONS: 5/PW - Callaway Rogue XP95
SW: Cleveland RTX 3 - 58° 
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro 2.0 n°7
SHAFTS: Irons- Steel Stiff/Woods-Graphite Stiff
Más infoAlquile esta bolsa
Ofertas de Excelencia
Callaway ROGUE PRO


Caballeros / Diestro

Desde 17,04 al día

12 CLUBS. DRIVER & Wood 3: Callaway Rogue
HYBRID: 3 - Callaway Rogue
IRONS: 4/PW - Callaway Rogue Pro XP105
SW: Cleveland RTX 3 - 58° 
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro 2.0 n°7
SHAFTS: Irons- Steel Stiff/Woods-Graphite Stiff
Más infoAlquile esta bolsa
Ofertas de Excelencia
Callaway XFORGED Irons / ROGUE Woods


Caballeros / Diestro

Desde 17,04 al día

12 CLUBS. DRIVER & Wood 4: Callaway Rogue
UTILITY: 21° - Callaway XForged
IRONS: 4/PW - Callaway XForged ProjX 6.0
SW: Cleveland RTX 3 - 58° 
PUTTER: Odyssey - White Hot Pro 2.0 n°7
SHAFTS: Irons- Steel Stiff/Woods-Graphite Stiff
Más infoAlquile esta bolsa
Ofertas de Excelencia
Srixon Z785 / CALLAWAY XR Speed

Z785 / CALLAWAY XR Speed

Caballeros / Diestro

Desde 17,04 al día

12 CLUBS. DRIVER & Madera 3/4: CALLAWAY XR Speed
HIBRIDO: 3 - Srixon Z585
HIERROS: 4/PW Srixon Z785
SW: Cleveland RTX4 Forged - 58°
PUTTER: Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1
SHAFTS: Hierros-Acero Stiff/Madera-Gráfito Stiff
Más infoAlquile esta bolsa
Ofertas de Excelencia
Srixon ZX7 / Rogue ST

ZX7 / Rogue ST

Caballeros / Diestro

Desde 16,72 al día

UTILITY: 3 - Srixon ZX
IRONS: 4/PW Srixon ZX 7
SW: Cobra Snake Bite - 56°
PUTTER: Odyssey DFX #1
SHAFTS: Irons-Steel Stiff /Woods-Graphite Stiff
Más infoAlquile esta bolsa
Ofertas de Excelencia
Srixon ZX7 / Callaway AI Smoke

ZX7 / Callaway AI Smoke

Caballeros / Diestro

Desde 14,64 al día

12 CLUBS. DRIVER & F3: Callaway Paradym AI Smoke
UTILITY: 3 - Srixon ZXU MK2 steel
IRONS: 4/PW Srixon ZX 7 MK2
SW: Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore - 56°
PUTTER: Cleveland HB Milled 11
SHAFTS: Irons-Steel Stiff /Woods-Graphite Stiff
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