How does it work to hire golf clubs?


Choose your golf clubs
and customiSe
your golf bag


Travel STRESS-free
and with peace of mind,
travel in comfort


When you arrive,
pick up your golf bag
at the airport


Play without limit
on the best golf courses
of the area


Drop off your golf bag
in the airport,
when you leave


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Golf Clubs & Drive
Exclusive Offer in partnership

Rent both your bag and your Hertz car together. Your car will be waiting for you when you arrive with your golf bags already placed in the boot!

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1. Select your destination, your day and time of arrival and departure.
Choose your destination and indicate your day and time of arrival and departure, we will offer you the best equipment available for those dates.
You can begin this from any page on our website or you can go through our selection of destinations in the menu on the top of the screen which offers a good introduction to your golfing options.

2. Select the type of clubs best suited for your characteristics.
Once your destination has been selected, narrow down your available options with the filter menu above.
3. Select the Pack which best suits your frequency of play:
The Evolution Pack
You are an occasional golf player. You want a fun game with easy to play golf clubs that adapt to your style.The Evolution Pack consists of light and forgiving clubs which will give you confidence on all types of courses.

The Performance Pack
You are a regular golf player. You have mastered your technique and are looking to increase ball flight and achieve more distance. The Performance Pack is made up of light and precise golf clubs. They give you superior ball flight bringing power and distance.

The Excellence pack
You are a dedicated golf player. You look for top-of-the-range equipment for maximum distance and precision.
The Excellence Pack consists of the latest golf clubs that use the latest technology. These golf clubs are light, precise and powerful for optimum comfort and performance.

4. Customise the contents of your golf bag (add clubs and accessories)
Customise the contents of your golf bag (add clubs and accessories)

1. Modify the contents of your golf bag
You can  swap the clubs included in your pack with other options (the additional price is indicated if applicable).

2. Add clubs and accessories to your golf bag

We offer all the additional clubs and accessories (balls, tees …) you could need out  on the course.

5. Select the way you want to pick up your golf bag in the airport
Select the way you want to pick up your golf bag in the airport 1. Pick up your golf equipment at the Hertz-MyCaddyMaster desk in the airport when you arrive.
We will send you an airport map to guide you there quickly and easily.

2. Take advantage of our exclusive Golf Clubs & Drive Offer with our Hertz partner.
Rent your car directly on the MyCaddyMaster website and pick it up with your equipment waiting in the boot!
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3. Indicate Hotel or Villa address to be delivered directly where you stay.
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Quality Golf Clubs Rental -
Quality Golf Clubs Rental -
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