Mizuno Mizuno STZ / MP 20Gentlemen - Right-handed

Mizuno STZ/MP20
Hire this golf bag From 21.80 € per day
Excellence Pack
Hire this golf bag From 21.80 € per day Mizuno
12 CLUBS. DRIVER 9.5° & Woods 3: Mizuno STZ
IRONS: 4/PW - Mizuno MP20
SW: 56 & 60 Mizuno T22
PUTTER: Bettinardi Stock 18
SHAFTS: Irons-Steel Stiff/ Woods-Graphite Stiff

Layers of feel

The Mizuno MP-20 series of irons is the most accomplished version of the Mizuno Muscle Back. Perfect blades for legendary sensations.

A multi-layered design

The Grain Flow HD of the MP-20 was crafted in Hiroshima, Japan.

Forged from a single block of Pure Select 1025 E Soft Carbon steel, the irons are then layered with soft copper, then coated with a Nickel Chrome protection.

This superposition of layers is the same as that used in the legendary Mizuno TN87 blade.

The finish in a combination of different chromiums helps to eliminate glare when you're at address.

Mizuno scrutinised the players

Whether they're Mizuno pro players or not, the brand surveyed many players to find out which Mizuno irons were longest retained by golfers.

They then studied what exactly golfers liked about the irons and came up with an even better version.

The key word: Stability

Mizuno's engineers created the Mizuno MP-20 irons with a focus on maximum stability, without altering the look of the traditional MP irons.

With a slightly pointed blade and a rounded sole, the vertical weight distribution is total, and forgives shots that are too high or too low on the ball.

Always listening to players, Mizuno has also refined the top edge.

Golf club specifications

-Precision / 100+
-Forgiveness / 100+
-Power / 100+

Driver 9.5° STZ

Driver 9.5° STZ

Fairway 3 ST 200

Fairway 3 ST 200

Irons 4-PW MP20

Irons 4-PW MP20

SW 56° & 60° T22

SW 56° & 60° T22

Putter Bettinardi Stock 18

Putter Bettinardi Stock 18

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